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I’ve started writing down my latest findings about BeagleBone Black on the Thing printer website. Currently only three posts, but in my own humble opinion, worth a read : )

Replicape Front Page Picture

I’ve also started the pre-sale of Replicape! The Replicape is now at Revision A4A with an added expansion port for a little project I’ve called Reach, which is basically a second cape that slots on top of Replicape giving it three more extruders for those interested in experimenting with CMYK color blending or similar. There are also a few improvements to the layout for some more noise reduction.

Update: will be featured onĀ! Yay!

7 thoughts on “Continue reading about BeagleBone Black

  1. Is your Replicape going to be available through the usual Beaglebone distributers? My next major project is going to be a 3D printer.


  2. Hi!

    I am one of the early adopters who bought one Replicape from the first batch. Can you give an update on the current status? As we are already in week 16 there should be some hopefully good news.


    • Hello Robert!
      The last I heard from CircuitCo was that they were still waiting for a few of the components and were expecting them to be delivered on Wednesday of last week and begin assembly right away. I’ve sent several e-mails trying to get an update, but unfortunately no answer. I sent a new e-mail today, asking for an update, so I’m still waiting for an answer to that. I’m planning on sending out an update-email as soon as I get word. I’m really sorry for this delay and I assure you I am doing everything I can to get things sorted as soon as possible. I feel terrible about these delays, but since the assembly is in the hands of CircuitCo, there is really nothing more I can do but bug them about updates. . Thanks a lot for your patience though, I think I would have used stronger language by now : )

  3. RPis, UDOO boards, ODroid on the way, so many small devices with hdmi/dvi but no affordable small size screen besides your Manga Screen (don’t get me wrong, I have a 3D printer and like your other stuff, but it’s the screen board that got me commenting here)
    So keep up the good work !
    Can’t wait until they get produced and fit one in my Renault Twizy (gonna entirely hack the dashboard away ;-) )

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